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People and Planet before Profit


We pride ourselves on always placing our customers, staff, suppliers, and communities above the profits that we make from selling our products.  

We aim to be transparent and open about our products and our values that have led us to create these products for you.  Improving the world and making it a better place for all of its inhabitants drives us every day to get out of bed and do what we do.

The fast-fashion industry and our throwaway global culture have pushed the world to a point of desperation.  Large corporations have exhausted the world’s resources to generate as much profit as possible while denying the existence of climate change.  They have encouraged the public to consume, consume, consume blindly without ever questioning how something is produced or the reasons these products can be so cheap when there are countless factory workers who need to receive a salary at the end of the month.  Large corporations do not want to change their ways because this will result in lowering profit margins.  Sustainably sourced and ethical materials are expensive and paying all employees a respectable living wage drains the profits of a company.  This is when we all need to take a step back and truly question our core values.  What is more important? A ‘fashionable for the season’ wardrobe or a person being able to support their family?

Fortunately, all of the wrong done by many large corporations is being rectified by smaller businesses who are shifting towards the people and planet before profit business model where we aim to produce items that are ethically sourced and do not harm the environment while paying everyone we hire a living wage to ensure that our community and the world’s community continues to grow and live happier, healthier, and better.  This cuts into the profit margin and the gains of the business, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Greed and personal growth is not our focus.

Businesses can be a source of good when they decide to give back to communities and to the world and the customer can make a strong statement when purchasing from a small and ethical business instead of a large company.  Where you spend your money matters and it speaks volumes.  Every time you purchase a product, you cast a vote that decides the future of the world and the business sector.  Ideally, large corporations will be forced to switch to ethical business practices once the world starts asking questions and moves away from the consumerist culture it has grown into.

The next time you go to purchase a sustainable homeware item created to be unique with the use of the natural sustainable resources that the world gives us, don’t ask yourself why it is so expensive…ask yourself why large corporations’ products are so cheap.  Cast your vote accordingly.