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Bamboo is an amazingly diverse plant that offers an array of uses.  Each piece of furniture is created by hand and made to last.  Each product is based on the natural state of the bamboo which means that each and every product we offer celebrates its own uniqueness.  No two pieces will ever be identical, but you can rest assured that every piece is a high-quality product designed to add value to your home and the overall aesthetic appeal of your house.

The bamboo used in  the production of our bamboo range of products are used for construction, scaffolding, housing, and furniture due to the fact that it has considerably thick walls that make this bamboo the perfect material to use to create an extremely strong structure.  Stenostachya Bamboo has a tensile strength that has been proven to be stronger than steel. It is one of the strongest and sturdiest species of bamboo.

Features of this Bamboo:

Solid culms:

This bamboo has nearly solid lower culms due to its significantly thick walls. This makes this species of bamboo ideal for building and manufacturing furniture.

Strong and durable:

It has been put to the strength test and has proven itself to be stronger than steel.  It creates incredibly strong and durable furniture that is designed to last.

Bamboo is a natural grass and can split after a while depending how long it is left for in the sun and rain. Splitting will not compromise the structure and this is natural. If you don't like the look of it,we can send you some bamboo powder that you can use with a filler to fill up the small splits. 

It can be used anywhere in a house:

This bamboo can be used for the construction of indoor and outdoor furniture. Our bamboo furniture is best used in alfresco areas. Do not leave the furniture out in the sun or rain for extended periods of time. Please use covers to protect your furniture if you do. 



Bamboo is a beautiful natural material and it will be affected by its surroundings and must be cared for correctly. 

If you want your bamboo to last forever you need to take care of it well. You need to prepare if for changing weather conditions. 


Use a damp cloth and wipe it when necessary. 


If your bamboo furniture collects mould if it is left out in the rain for any reason, it is easy to get rid off it, if you do not leave it for too long. We recommend you use anti -mildew and mould detergent used for wooden products you can get at any local hardware store.  You can also use mould control to spray your furniture in the cold months and to prevent this from happening. 

Store your bamboo furniture in a dry ventilated room always.  

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