Caring for linen may seem daunting. Yes, we have been there too. Here is a quick guide to put you at ease and see why we love this sustainable product so much. 

(Graphic icons in a similar format we used before in other pieces)

(icon 1 - machine wash laundry label)

  • Linen is machine washable

Wild Fig linen is stonewashed, which allows for the linen to be washed on a delicate cycle using lukewarm to cold water. Wash your sheets with a gentle detergent to ensure it last longer

(icon 2 - tumble drying label)

  • Tumble drying is not a necessity. That said, if need be, tumble dry your pieces on a cool air or low-temperature setting

(icon 3 - ironing icon)

  • Gone are the days of spending hours with your iron
  • If you do feel the need to press your precious linen sheets, ensure the sheet is damp before you start
  • Press on both sides of the fabric unless it is a dark stained sheet, then only press on the reverse side of the fabric
  • Use the medium-hot steam setting on your iron

(icon 4 - woman doing ironing or washing)

  • For a first time wash it is best to wash your linen separately
  • To lessen the crease, take your sheets out of the washing machine soon as the cycle has stopped 
  • Dry lying flat or air and line dry the fabric
  • Ensure not to use high heats when drying to prevent shrinkage

(icon 5 -treatment indicating icon)

  • Avoid using bleach as this agent is too harsh for the textile
  • When treating a stain,make sure that the area you need to treat does not dry out
  • After spot treating your stain, soak in a mild detergent with water

(icon 6 - storage icone?)

  • Store your linen in a cool, dry place. Avoid using cardboard boxes or a chest of drawers.

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