• What shipping methods do you offer?
  • Where do you ship?

Order Issues

  • Why hasn't my tracking status updated?
  • My tracking shows delivered, but I never received it. What can I do?
  • Why has my order been returned to Pepper?
  • What happens if my package is lost or stolen?
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Updating Your Order

  • Can I cancel or edit my order?
  • Can I change my shipping address?

Return Policy & FAQs

  • What is the return policy for international orders?
  • What is your return & exchange policy?
  • How do I make a return or exchange?
  • When can I expect my refund?
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Sizing & Fit

  • My bra didn't fit. What size should I try next?
  • How do I know what size to get?
  • How do I know my bra fits?
  • Common fit issues & solutions

Product FAQs

  • How does the fit compare with other brands?
  • What materials and fabrics do you use?
  • How should I care for my bras?
  • How does the e-gift card work?

General FAQs

  • Klarna
  • Pepper Loyalty Perks
  • Where is Pepper based?
  • Why are you called Pepper?
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Discounts & Promotions

  • Healthcare frontline worker & first responders discount
  • Do you have student discounts?
  • What is refer a friend?
  • Can I use multiple discount codes?
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