Linen, is it really worth all the fuss?

Some may say it is an extravagant expense for a piece of fabric. We believe the start to holistic living starts in the bedroom. If one takes into account that the recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is more than 7hours a night, won't it make sense to invest in a good piece of so-called fabric? 

Linen bedding offers a good night's rest by offering qualities such as, 

  • Airflow and breathability
  • The wick of linen allows for the absorption of moisture. Which can prove helpful to those who experience night sweats, especially during the hot summer months, while linen serves as an insulator during colder weather.  

    The airflow and breathability of linen, therefore, allow for better quality and duration of sleep. 

  • Hypo-allergenic properties
  • The antibacterial qualities of linen are beneficial to those who have sensitive skin and are more prone to developing acne. The bacteria resistant characteristics found within linen allows for this fabric to be safe and beneficial to children and infants. 

    It is called beauty sleep for a reason. 

  • pH balance
  • The pH balance found within linen allows the skin to grow soft, while the anti-static qualities allow for increased comfort on the skin. 

  • Microscopic breaks
  • The beauty in beauty sleep, the microscopic breaks found within linen massages the skin while you sleep.