Safety for you and the planet

Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex certified

Although the main aim of OEKO-Tex Standard 100 is the safety of the consumer, the certification also looks into methods that allow the consumer and those involved in the process to make decisions that ultimately benefit the planet too. 

An article carrying the Standard 100 label authenticates that every piece, thread to cloth, have been tested for the use of harmful substances. Testing is performed by an independent OEKO-TEX partner which uses criteria set out by the institute. 

Testing includes,

  • Testing for the use of regulated and non-regulated substances which prove to be hazardous to humans. 
  • The set-out criteria extend the national and international regulations. 
  • Characteristics for certification is updated on a yearly basis. This includes statutory requirements to acquire the certification as well as newfound scientific information.  
  • Regardless of thread, button or fabric testing, Standard 100 also look at the coating and pattern used during the assembly process of a garment, home-textile or clothing for young children or infants.